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2012 Season Summary

State Champions

Fort Bend Express Gold- Junior Varisty

Humble Bulldogs- Sophomore


City Champions

Fun Ravens- Varsity

Fort Bend Express Gold- Junior Varsity

Humble Bulldogs- Sophomore



  W    L    T    W%    PF    PA  
Humble Bulldogs Soph 4 1 0 0.800 138 42
HSF Texans Soph 4 1 0 0.800 120 40
Ft. Bend Express Soph 4 1 0 0.800 98 26
Gulf Coast Heat Soph 3 2 0 0.600 112 68
FUN Ravens Soph 2 3 0 0.400 65 72
Farm League Hurricanes Soph 2 3 0 0.400 62 114
Fast Select Soph 1 4 0 0.200 58 159
Bayou City Generals Soph 0 5 0 0.000 38 170


JV North

Jr. Varsity  W    L    T    W%    PF    PA  
Houston Outlaws JV 4 1 0 0.800 144 28
Fast Select JV 4 1 0 0.800 132 56
Farm League Hurricanes JV 3 2 0 0.600 90 50
Humble Bulldogs JV 1 4 0 0.200 32 103


JV South

Jr. Varsity  W    L    T    W%    PF    PA  
Ft. Bend Express JV Gold 5 0 0 1.000 145 20
Ft. Bend Express JV Black 3 2 0 0.600 100 84
HSF Texans JV 0 5 0 0.000 38 94
Cypress Hawks JV 0 5 0 0.000 0 246


Varsity North

Varsity  W    L    T    W%    PF    PA  
Houston Outlaws Varsity 5 0 0 1.000 180 6
HSF Texans Varsity 4 1 0 0.800 136 34
Woodlands Ducks Varsity 4 1 0 0.800 52 64
Northside Lions Varsity 3 2 0 0.600 46 46
Fast Select Varsity 2 3 0 0.400 66 84
Houston Black Ops Varsity 2 3 0 0.400 56 108
Humble Bulldogs Varsity 0 5 0 0.000 30 120
Farm League Hurricanes Varsity 0 5 0 0.000 18 122


Varsity South

Varsity  W    L    T    W%    PF    PA  
FUN Ravens Varsity 5 0 0 1.000 126 32
Hit Sport Warriors Varsity 3 2 0 0.600 100 62
Ft. Bend Express Varsity 3 2 0 0.600 78 46
Gulf Coast Heat Varsity 3 2 0 0.600 77 40
Dickinson Pride Varsity 1 4 0 0.200 36 86
Galveston Rip Tide Varsity 0 5 0 0.000 20 171




2012 HSFL Varsity MVP’s    
Most Valuable Offensive Lineman - Marcus Montemayor #65 HSF Texans
Most Valuable Defensive Lineman - De'Angelo Hernandez #96 DickinsonPride
Most Valuable Offensive Player - Kenneth Brisco #24 Ravens
Most Valuable Defensive Player - David Cerda #5 Outlaws
League Most Valuable Player - Traviane Whiteing #1 Outlaws


2012 HSFL Jr. Varsity MVP’s    
Most Valuable Offensive Lineman - John Horn #52 Express Black
Most Valuable Defensive Lineman - Djuan Mathews #53 Fast Select
Most Valuable Offensive Player - Hezekiah Jones #9 Express Gold
Most Valuable Defensive Player - Trevon Young #99 Outlaws
League Most Valuable Player - Antonio Jackson #2 Express Gold


2012 HSFL Sophomore MVP’s    
Most Valuable Offensive Lineman - Miguel Plata #90 HumbleBulldogs
Most Valuable Defensive Lineman - David Reeves #18 HumbleBulldogs
Most Valuable Offensive Player - Johnitz Robinson #12 HSF Texans
Most Valuable Defensive Player - Marquise Sonnier #61 Ravens
League Most Valuable Player - Colby Bonds #30 Express





1st Team All - HSFL Offense   1st Team All - HSFL Defense
OL Brayvion Roy Fast Select   DB Ernest Watts Outlaws
OL Mike Mitchell Outlaws   DB Anthony Thomas Northside lions
OL David Cerda Outlaws   DB Terrence Franklin Ravens
OL Ladarius O'Garro Ravens   DL Deagelo Hernadez Dickinson Pride
OL Terrence Lambert Ravens   DL Chandler Tisby Gulf Coast Heat
OL Marcus Montemayor Texans   DL David Cerda Outlaws
QB Traviane Whiteing Outlaws   DL Terrence Lambert Ravens
RB Phillip Haynes Outlaws   LB Romellus Skinner Fort Bend Express
RB Kenneth Brisco Ravens   LB Tommy Young Gulf Coast Heat
WR Ernest Watts Outlaws   LB Malik Myers Outlaws
WR Terrence Franklin Ravens   LB Terrell Franklin Ravens
2nd Team All - HSFL Offense   2nd Team All - HSFL Defense
OL DeAnglo Hernadez Dickinson Pride   DB Wayland Hurst Gulf Coast Heat
OL Reese Forest Ducks   DB Aj Sanders Ducks
OL Kevin Gipson Ducks   DB Raynard Harmon Texans
OL Chance Harmanson Gulf Coast Heat   DL Lorenzo Neal Fort Bend Express
OL Charlie Vatterott Texans   DL Garrett Thomas Outlaws
OL Richard Neal Texans   DL Ladarius O'Garro Ravens
QB Cameron Crawford Warriors   DL Marcus Montemayor Texans
RB DeAnthony Harrison Fast Select   LB Joey Longoria Gulf Coast Heat
RB Justin Pratt Outlaws   LB Levi Curnel Northside lions
WR Wayland Hurst Gulf Coast Heat   LB Justin Pratt Outlaws
WR Jimmy Dermody Outlaws   LB Phillip Haynes Outlaws
Honorable Mention All - HSFL Offense Honorable Mention All - HSFL Defense
OL Miguel Lopez Gulf Coast Heat   DB Juwan Mason Ravens
OL Ethan Cross Gulf Coast Heat   DB Johnathan Brantley Fast Select
OL Terrell Franklin Ravens   DB Daequan Jones Gulf Coast Heat
QB Timmy Ware Ravens   DL Sean Milligan Ducks
RB Romellus Skinner Fort Bend Express   DL Alec Bush Fast Select
RB Raynard Harmon Texans   DL Tarik Cooper Gulf Coast Heat
WR Chris Garcia Ducks   DL Isaiah Chambers Houston Black ops
WR Tommy Young Gulf Coast Heat   DL David Miller Outlaws
WR Vincent Chachere Warriors   DL Dax Jones Ravens
          DL Jordan Crawford Warriors
          LB Robert Woodard Dickinson Pride
          LB Christian Jones Texans
          LB Brayvion Roy Fast Select
          LB Henry Guillen Northside lions


Junior Varsity

1st Team All - HSFL Offense   1st Team All - HSFL Defense
OL Devantae Earles Express Gold   DB Tyre Smith Fast Select
OL Troy Porche Express Gold   DB Quinton Newton Hurricanes
OL Marcus Royal Fast Select   DB Kenneth Morris Outlaws
OL John Horn JV Express Black   DL Devantae Earles Express Gold
OL Trevon Young Outlaws   DL Kay-Kay Orji Express Gold
OL Cameron Providence Outlaws   DL Djuan Mathews Fast Select
QB Antonio Jackson Express Gold   DL Trevon Young Outlaws
RB Trelon Smith Outlaws   LB Malik McLemore Express Gold
RB Micah White Outlaws   LB Jacob Owens Express Gold
WR Hezekiah Jones Express Gold   LB Ceasar Sanchez Outlaws
WR Quinton Newton Hurricanes   LB Micah White Outlaws
2nd Team All - HSFL Offense   2nd Team All - HSFL Defense
OL Abel Fuentes Express Gold   DB Alex Fontenot JV Express Black
OL Aaron Nelson Fast Select   DB Dawson Hawkins Express Gold
OL Cosmi Sammy Humble Bulldogs   DB Trelon Smith Outlaws
OL Tyler Roberts Hurricanes   DL Troy Porche Express Gold
OL Rodney White JV Express Black   DL Devin Woods JV Express Black
OL Meco Reyna Texans   DL Ladarius Rasberry Outlaws
QB Terrance Gibson Fast Select   DL Meco Reyna Texans
RB Ej Thompson Fast Select   LB Christian Macias Express Gold
RB Anderson Earnest Humble Bulldogs   LB Jonathan Gray Fast Select
WR Tyre Smith Fast Select   LB Ej Thompson Fast Select
WR Kenneth Morris Outlaws   LB Anderson Earnest Humble Bulldogs
Honorable Mention All - HSFL Offense Honorable Mention All - HSFL Defense
OL Djuan Mathews Fast Select   DB Frye Adrian Bulldogs
RB BJ Rainford JV Express Black   DB Kaleb Obryant Fast Select
RB James Key Texans   DB Cedrick Johnson Outlaws
WR Christian Macias Express Gold   DL Abel Fuentes Express Gold
          DL Marcus Royal Fast Select
          LB Cedrick Johnson Outlaws



1st Team All - HSFL Offense   1st Team All - HSFL Defense
OL Blake Vance FB Express   DB Billy Foster Gulf Coast Heat
OL Adreik Harris FB Express   DB Dylan Reeves Humble Bulldogs
OL Alan Ayanegui FB Express   DB Trey Robinson Texans
OL Colby Bonds FB Express   DL Colby Bonds FB Express
OL Miguel Plata Humble Bulldogs   DL Ben Tabar FB Express
OL Joshua Hughes Texans   DL David Reeves Humble Bulldogs
QB Jonhtiz Robertson Texans   DL Marquise Sonnier Ravens
RB David Fisher FB Express   LB David Fisher FB Express
RB Chaise Ellis Texans   LB Myles Lewis FB Express
WR Wade Freeman FB Express   LB Sam Jones Humble Bulldogs
WR Malik Williams Gulf Coast Heat   LB Christian Solis Texans
2nd Team All - HSFL Offense   2nd Team All - HSFL Defense
OL Toepher Hepp FB Express   DB Darrius Smith FB Express
OL Tyrese Williams Hurricanes   DB Brain Ray Humble Bulldogs
OL Matthew Freemon Texans   DB Andre Barnes Texans
OL Ares Fritzenwallner Texans   DL Richard Diaz Hurricanes
OL Rob Harbor Texans   DL Shemar Shakespeare Ravens
OL Christian Solis Texans   DL Rob Harbor Texans
QB Zavier Clark FB Express   DL Justin Tamburri Texans
RB Stanley hackett Bayoucity Generals   LB Hassan Hypolite FB Express
RB Myles Lewis FB Express   LB Devin Macadoo FB Express
WR Richard Diaz Hurricanes   LB Japan Mays Humble Bulldogs
WR Trey Robinson Texans   LB Chaise Ellis Texans
Honorable Mention All - HSFL Offense Honorable Mention All - HSFL Defense
OL Evan Lewis Bulldogs   DL Sebastian Garza Bulldogs
OL Tristan Pharr Bulldogs   DL Bryce Goddard Express
OL Justin Tamburri Texans   LB Stanley Hacket Generals
OL Xavian Hampton Heat   DB Jordan Humphrey Heat
OL Tahj Hunter Ravens   DL Rishard Kelly Heat
QB Thyrun Hurst Bulldogs   LB Jakori Morgan Heat
RB Craig Williams Bulldogs   DB Leon Oneal Texans
WR Tre Johnson






"The athletes on this page maintained a minimum of a B average throughout the spring semester. In order to be included on this list, the Head Coach of the team must have verified the academic results of the player. We are proud of the way these young men remained focused on their academic success while they developed their football skills.

The HSFL places a very high priority on the educational foundation that the players will develop during their middle school years. Our goal is for these athletes to develop strong habits both on and off the field that will prepare them for high school."

Congratulations to the following young men:


First Name Last Name Team Name
Sean Callaway Sophomore Hurricanes
Richard Diaz II  
Bert Johnson  
Kohl Klopfenstein  
Bradyn Knutson  
Connor Koop  
Walker McClelland  
Graysen Monk  
Drew Parsley  
Zachary Rich  
Jackson Roberts  
Steven Ayala JV Hurricanes
Shawn Biggers  
Jeremy Alexander  
Jonathan Equia  
Michael Gomez  
Dalton Gumina  
Samuel Hodges  
Chandler Light  
Josh Merillat  
Logan Patterson  
Jose Quezada  
Tyler Roberts  
Verner Rodas  
Peyton Smith  
Daniel Whitmire  
Bart Baratti Varsity Hurricanes
Darius Celestine  
Ashton Ellis  
Raymond Gibson  
Jacob Gomez  
Marcus Grant  
Collin Reedy  
Scott McIntire  
Evan Pohlman  
Mason Storrs  
Levi Swang  
Michael Turrentine  
Ahonore Varner  
Taylor Weinholzer  
Wyatt Beason Varsity Warriors
Tori Bias  
Devyn Billiott  
Vincent Chachere  
Mason Chapman  
Cameron Crawford  
Zach DeVries  
Austin Dickens  
Alfredo Gonzalez  
Christian Harris  
Christian Harvey  
Nicholas Hernandez  
Albert Irvin  
Spradley Jeffrey  
Chaz Johnson  
Aaron Knight  
Anthony Mata  
Alex Perez  
Richard Rodriguez  
Benito Segura III  
Trevor Terry  
Ethan Walker  
Alberto Campbell Bulldogs
Sammy Cosmi  
Jairrid Booker Sophomore Heat
Billy Foster  
Jordan Humphrey  
Caleb Kissner  
Caden Evans Sophomore Express
Wade Freeman III  
Topher Hepp  
Derrick Ray Jr.  
Jackson Reece  
Darris "Bam" Smith  
Andres Sugg  
Ben Tabar  
Jaylyn Williams  
Devantae Earles JV Express
Trent Harrell  
Dawson Hawkins  
Moses Horn  
Antonio Jackson  
Hezekiah Jones  
Ty Reed  
Devin Woods  
Sebastian Castro  
Miles Fodrie  
Jake Gore  
John Horn  
Aaron McGee  
Sam Miller  
Kay Kay Orji  
Jalen Pitre  
Troy Porche  
Brent Ugochukwu  
Mason Ameen Varsity Express
Billy Booker  
Campbell Cooper  
Brad Fritzer  
Zack Loskie  
Alex Miller  
Mikial Onu  
Xavier Parnell  
Andre  Barnes Texans Soph
Mason Coleman  
Chaise Ellis  
Matthew Freemon  
Ares Fritzenwallner  
Matthew  Garcia  
Rob  Harbor  
Joshua Hughes  
Cody Hundley  
Micah Klingensmith  
Elton Ogar  
Trey Robinson  
Justin Tamburri  
Omar Banda Texans JV
Justin Boyd  
Devin Decker  
Cole Isaac  
James Key  
Wyatt Mecom  
Brandon Ponce  
Meco  Reyna  
Sammy Blair Texans Varsity
Raynard Harmon  
Terell Malone  
Benjamin Martin  
Dorion Meyers  
Taylor Soto  
Charlie Vatterott  
Carlos Villarreal  
Jaelin Webb  
Jacob Yohr  




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