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2011 Season Summary


2011 HSFL Varsity MVP’s    
Most Valuable Offensive Lineman - Chris Williams #66   HSF Texans
Most Valuable Defensive Lineman - Antoine Grant #97   TFL Hurricanes
Most Valuable Offensive Player - Chris Howard #4   TFL Hurricanes
Most Valuable Defensive Player - Willie Butler #39   Heat
League Most Valuable Player - Mac Odom #7   TFL Hurricanes


2011 HSFL Jr. Varsity MVP’s

Most Valuable Offensive Lineman - Ethan Cross #77  Heat
Most Valuable Defensive Lineman - Scott McIntire #9  TFL Hurricanes
Most Valuable Offensive Player - Trav'iane Whiteing #1  Outlaws
Most Valuable Defensive Player - Phillip Haynes #34  Outlaws
League Most Valuable Player - Justin Pratt #32


2011 HSFL Sophomore MVP’s

Most Valuable Offensive Lineman - Troy Porche #75  Ravens
Most Valuable Defensive Lineman - Abel Fuentes #30  Express
Most Valuable Offensive Player - Hezekiah Jones  #9  Express
Most Valuable Defensive Player - Dawson Hawkins #4  Express
League Most Valuable Player - Antonio Jackson #2  Express



2011 State Champions

Farm League Hurricanes Varsity

Fort Bend Express Sohpomores


City Champions

Farm League Hurricanes - Varsity

Houston Outlaws - Junior Varsity

Fort Bend Express- Sophomore


2011 All-HSFL Teams


1st Team All - HSFL Defense     1st Team All - HSFL Offense
DL Hurricanes Antoine Grant     OL Hurricanes Michael Briner
DL Hurricanes Quinton Frerichs     OL Hurricanes Larry Harris
DL Texans Michael Dunn     OL Hurricanes Ignacio Salinas
DL Heat Willie Bulter     OL Heat Xavier Rodriquez
LB Hurricanes Justin Green     OL Hurricanes Troy Anderson
LB Heat Robert Woodard     OL Hurricanes Dustin Smith
LB Hurricanes Ethan Johnson     OL Texans Christopher Erwin
LB Texans Joel Pineda     QB Hurricanes Mac Odom
DB Hurricanes Jimmy Junious     RB Hurricanes Jordan Brown
DB Hurricanes Dacron Dirden     RB Texans Michael Dunn
DB Texans William Lockett     WR Hurricanes Tristan Weinholzer
          WR Texans William Lockett
2nd Team All - HSFL Defense          
DL Hurricanes Jesse Vigil     2nd Team All - HSFL Offense
DL Texans Pablo Moreno     OL Hurricanes Joshua Shantz
DL Heat Jordan Millburn     OL Texans Daniel Kilzer
DL Texans Cameron Townsend     OL Texans Jorge Pizana
DL Panthers Corey Windhorst     OL Panthers Greg Linton
LB Hurricanes Jason York     OL Texans Christopher Williams
LB Longhorns Byron Gloster     OL Texans Joel Pineda
LB Hurricanes Robert Trantham     QB Texans Matthew Jordan
LB Texans Hudson Lorfing     RB Hurricanes Chris Howard
DB Hurricanes Tristan Gomez     RB Heat Jeremiah Jones
DB Texans John Dana     WR Hurricanes Jack McHugh
DB Heat Ladarrian Jones     WR Texans Jake Granato
Honorable Mention All - HSFL Defense     Honorable Mention All - HSFL Offense
DL Heat Anthony Allison     OL Heat Anthony Allison
DL Panthers Greg Linton     OL Ravens Marquis Henderson
DL Longhorns Xavier Campbell     QB Longhorns Tyreik Gray
DL Longhorns Kevin Stevens     RB Texans Cameron Townsend
LB Ravens Jaydrian Lee     RB Longhorns Bryon Gloster
LB Heat Edwards Speaker     WR Heat Yariy Vodyanistryy
LB Texans Jack Lopez     WR Ravens Jaydrian Lee
LB Texans Daniel Kilzer          
DB Heat Jay Lamb          
DB Longhorns Tyriek Gray          
DB Heat John Humphrey          
DB Longhorns Kerrick Pierre          
DB Ravens Byron Adams          


Junior Varsity
1st Team All - HSFL Defense     1st Team All - HSFL Offense
DL Warriors Sam Draper     OL Hurricanes Joshua Givens
DL Heat Jachon Reed     OL Texans Richard Neal
DL Outlaws Tyson Williams     OL Texans Billy Booker
DL Outlaws David Miller     OL Warriors Jake Chatman
LB Heat Tavion Palmer     OL Outlaws Leon Pinto
LB Heat Rod'John Dorsey     OL Heat Alex Guzman
LB Outlaws Phillip Haynes     QB Ravens Romellus Skinner
LB Ravens Romanan Skinner     RB Hurricanes Keidric Nelson
DB Texans Jacob Yohr     RB Ravens Kenneth Brisco
DB Outlaws Ernest Watts     WR Texans Taylor Soto
DB Ravens Terrence Franklin     WR Outlaws Jacob Coker
2nd Team All - HSFL Defense     2nd Team All - HSFL Offense
DL Hurricanes Joshua Givens     OL Warriors Nate Madani
DL Hurricanes Scott McIntire     OL Outlaws Michael Mitchell
DL Heat Chandler Tisby     OL Outlaws David Miller
DL Heat Matthew Richardson     OL Outlaws Charles Cater
LB Heat Joey Longoria     OL Ravens Stephen Pilbeam
LB Outlaws Jacob Coker     OL Ravens LeDarius O'Garro
LB Outlaws Justin Pratt     QB Warriors Cameron Crawford
LB Ravens Antoine Cannady     RB Outlaws Justin Pratt
DB Heat Demarco Guidry     RB Heat Tavion Taylor
DB Outlaws Trelon Smith     WR Warriors Javon Holmes
DB Ravens Kenneth Brisco     WR Ravens Terrence Franklin
Honorable Mention All - HSFL Defense     Honorable Mention All - HSFL Offense
DL Hurricanes David Cerda III     OL Hurricanes Tommy Henson
DL Texans Marcus Montemayor     OL Ravens Antoine Cannady
DL Texans Billy Booker     QB Outlaws Traviane Whitening
DL Warriors Jake Chatman     RB Texans Terrel Malone
DL Warriors Nate Mandani     RB Outlaws Phillip Haynes
DL Outlaws Michael Mitchell     WR Outlaws Nygel King
LB Hurricanes Mason Storrs     WR Heat Tommy Young
LB Warriors Leland Young          
LB Outlaws Traviane Whitening          
LB Ravens Romellus Skinner          
DB Hurricanes Bart Baratti          


1st Team All - HSFL Defense     1st Team All - HSFL Offense
DL Ravens Troy Porche     OL Hurricanes Jacob Patino
DL Express Courtney Onyebuchi     OL Hurricanes Greg Kelley
DL Express Abel Fuentes     OL Texans Terrance Wilson
DL Express Jacob Owens     OL Express Sam Miller
LB Hurricanes EJ Evans     OL Express Rodney White
LB Hurricanes Isayah Fatu     OL Ravens Troy Porche
LB Texans Terrance Wilson     QB Express Antonio Jackson
LB Express Derrick Tucker     RB Hurricanes EJ Evans
DB Hurricanes Jayshun Anderson     RB Express Grant Delpit
DB Texans Colin King     WR Hurricanes Isayah Fatu
DB Express Grant Delpit     WR Express Hezekiah Jones
2nd Team All - HSFL Defense     2nd Team All - HSFL Offense
DL Hurricanes Jacob Patino     OL Hurricanes Ryan Hendrex
DL Hurricanes Petyon Smith     OL Hurricanes Christopher Salinas
DL Ravens David Allison     OL Hurricanes Kaleb O'Bryant
DL Express Sam Miller     OL Texans Christian Solis
LB Texans Christian Solis     OL Express Devantae Earles
LB Express Malik McLemore     OL Express Courtney Onyebuchi
LB Express Jalen Pitre     QB Ravens David Allison
LB Express Brent Ugochukwu     RB Hurricanes Jayshun Anderson
DB Hurricanes Klaeb O'Bryant     RB Texans Kahil Mack
DB Express Dawson Hawkins     WR Texans D'Angelo Thomas
DB Express Hezekiah Jones     WR Ravens Trey Hunter
Honorable Mention All - HSFL Defense     Honorable Mention All - HSFL Offense
DL Texans Meca Reyna     OL Hurricanes Petyon Smith
DL Ravens Tristan Bonner     OL Express Miles Fodrie
DL Ravens Angel Mayoral     OL Express Abel Fuentes
LB Texans Dontay Warren     OL Ravens Tristan Bonner
LB Ravens Cornell Jones     OL Ravens Angel Mayoral
LB Ravens Joshua Copeland     OL Ravens Xavier Washington
DB Hurricanes Bronson Allen     QB Texans Colin King
DB Texans Trevon Lewis     RB Ravens Joshua Copeland
          WR Texans Tyree Thornton


The HSFL is proud to announce the 2011 HSFL All-Academic Team!
The athletes on this page maintained a minimum of a B average throughout the spring semester. In order to be included on this list, the Head Coach of the team must have verified the academic results of the player. We are proud of the way these young men remained focused on their academic success while they developed their football skills.
The HSFL places a very high priority on the educational foundation that the players will develop during their middle school years. Our goal is for these athletes to develop strong habits both on and off the field that will prepare them for high school.
Congratulations to the following young men:
Team Name                Player Name 
Hurricanes - Varsity Dakota Anderson
  Clayton Barnaba
  Derrick Catherman
  Chris Howard
  Ethan Johnson
  Jordan Lawrence
  Mac Odom
  Joshua Shantz
  Dustin Smith
  Tristan Weinholzer
  Jason York
  Larry Harris
Texans - Varsity Shola Ayinde
  Jack Barajas
  Legend Choudry
  John Dana 
  Michael Dunn, Jr.
  Jake Granato   
  Matthew Jordan
  Daniel Kilzer
  Eke Kingsley
  William Lockett
  Jack Lopez
  Hudson Lorfing
  Trey McCausey
  Pablo Moreno
  Austin Nichols
  Max Orenic
  George Orenic
  Leonard Owens
  Alvin Phillips
  Joel Pineda, Jr.
  Jorge Pizana
  Chris Story
  David Townsend
  Chris Williams
Heat - Varsity Ty Lozano
  Trenton Mather
  Jakori Morgan
  Gage Meyers
  Xavier Rodriquez
  Sampson Tamijani
  Charles Lewis
  Mathew Adams
  Yuriy Vodyanitskyy
Hurricanes - JV Darius Celestine
  Devonte Lewis
  Scott McIntire
  Theo Inman
  Christopher Crawford
  Jimmy Dermody
  Mason Storrs
  Bart Baratti
  Jake Zimmer
  Ahonore Varner
  Anthony Grant
  Dante Davis
Texans - JV Bronson Ciavarra
  Colton Ciavarra
  Tyler Ciavarra
  Kurt Jugo
  Colby Loopez-Cauldillo
  Terrell Malone
  Matthew Martinez
  Dorion Meyers
  Collin Nichols
  Douglas Simpson
  Taylor Soto
  Jacob Yohr
Heat JV Joshua Adame
  Delan Baines
  Lane Beasley
  Sylvan Burton
  Ethan Cross
  Isaiah Davila
  Rashon Dorsey
  Alex Guzman
  Stefon Jenkins
  Joey Longoria
  Roylain Oliver
  Chandler Tisby
  Gregory Vincent
  Joshua Spann
Outlaws - JV Charles Carter
  Chris Carter      
  Jacob Coker    
  Jacob Cooper
  Phillip Haynes 
  Luis Hilaire          
  Nygel King           
  David Miller       
  Michael Mitchell  
  Chase Pine    
  Leon Pinto     
  Justin Pratt  
  Marquan Reed 
  Bravvion Roy    
  Garrett Thomas  
  Trav'iane TC Whiteing
  Tyson Williams   
Express - Sophomore Miles Fodrie
  Antonio Jackson
  Grant Delpit
  Dawson Hawkins
  Malik Marks
  Malik McLemore
  Brent Ugochukwu
  Jalen Pitre
  John Rush
  Ashton Martinez
  Samdup Miller
Hurricanes-Sophomore Trevor Ashmore
  Jordan Booker
  Jonathan Eguia
  Luke Fulford
  Ryan Hendrex
  Greg Kelley
  Bradyn Knutson
  Jacob Patino
  Tyler Roberts
  Peyton Smith
  EJ Thompson
  C.J. Ward

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