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2013 HSFL All-Academic Team

The HSFL is proud to announce the 2013 HSFL All-Academic Team!
The athletes on this page maintained a minimum of a B average throughout the spring semester. In order to be included on this list, the Head Coach of the team must have verified the academic results of the player. We are proud of the way these young men remained focused on their academic success while they developed their football skills.
The HSFL places a very high priority on the educational foundation that the players will develop during their middle school years. Our goal is for these athletes to develop strong habits both on and off the field that will prepare them for high school.
Congratulations to the following young men:
Ravens Jack Jordan
  Jake Chatman
  Josiah Joseph
  Mikal Narvaez
  Dave Imperial
  Josh Hughes
  Logan Abrams
  Nathaniel Cabrera
  Griffin Matt
  Clay Phoenix
  Jordan Hill
Express 6th Grade Andrew Coker 90
  Corey Williams 10
  Zachary Natt 25
  Cristian Jackson 2
  Joel Hernandez 81
  Grant Bordelon 92
  Hayden Conner 50
  Carson Holloway 42
  Jayden Barnett 13
  Noah McCollum 8
  Brian Willturner 99
  Layden Robinson 94
  Mason McBride 21
  Mason Pierce 20
Express JV Andres Sugg #83
  Chester Sims III #35
  Marc Andrew Bottego #75
  Blake Householder #44
  Alec Harris #28
  Chandler Blanchette # 77
  Thomas Thaxton #57
  Topher Hepp #54
  Colby Bonds #30
  Zachary Brady #62
  Zach Zamora #99
Hurricanes JV Bradyn Knutson / #8                      
Atascocita Vipers JV Sebastian Garza#80
  Isaiah Phillips#25
  Chris Merritt#51
  Trey Robinson#1
  Caden Shawell#8
  Blaine Davis#12
  Sam Jones#24
  Anthony Becerra#20
  Evan Lewis #76
Gulf Coast Heat Jordan Collins
  Jaelin Benefield
  Aaron Angelle
  Cameron Ashton
  Roman Benjamin
  Jaden Bennett
  Jordan Britton
  Duece Duhon
  Jalen Guillory
  Martavion Jackson
  Torrey Lastice
  Quinten Mason
  Perry Preston
  Daniel Rayborn
  Dee Sanford
  Tyrone Turner
  Jalen Wydermyer
  CJ Yell
  James Robinson
  Armando Alaniz

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