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2010 Season Summary


2010 HSFL MVP's


2010 HSFL Varsity MVP’s    
Most Valuable Offensive Lineman - Edwin Leon #78 HSF Texans  
Most Valuable Defensive Lineman - Breion James #72 HSF Texans  
Most Valuable Offensive Player - Leroy Fields #39 HSF Texans  
Most Valuable Defensive Player - Tony Combs #11 Galveston County Heat  
League Most Valuable Player - Christopher Zook #42 HSF Texans  


Varsity MVPsBreion


2010 HSFL Jr. Varsity MVP’s
Most Valuable Offensive Lineman - George Orenic #64 HSF Texans  
Most Valuable Defensive Lineman - Chris Williams #60 HSF Texans  
Most Valuable Offensive Player - Jordan Brown #22 Farm League Hurricanes  
Most Valuable Defensive Player - Andrew Perkins #21 HSF Texans  
League Most Valuable Player - Michael Dunn #23 HSF Texans  


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The 2010 was a tremendous year for the Houston Select Football League. We continued to grow and put in place a strong foundation for years to come! This league truly consists of some of the most talented 7th and 8th grade football players in the greater Houston area!

The HSFL won both State Championship Games, played at Kyle Field at Texas A&M University. Further the HSFL prevailed in 4 of the 6 games played during State Championship Weekend vs. the Texas School of Football.

Final League Results

State Champions

Houston Select Football Varsity Texans

HSFL Farm League Hurricanes


City Champions - HSF Texans

City Runner Up - Galveston County Heat

Third Place Qualifier - Farm League Hurricanes

Junior Varsity

City Champions - Farm League Hurricanes

City Runner Up - HSF Texans

Third Place Qualifier - Hit Sport Warriors


   W    L    T    W%    PF    PA  
HSF Texans Varsity 6 0 0 1.000 234 26
Galveston County Heat Varsity 5 1 0 0.833 154 58
NW Panthers Varsity 3 3 0 0.500 95 84
Farm League Hurricanes Varsity  3 3 0 0.500 58 74
Pearland Titans Varsity  1 5 0 0.167 38 196
FUN Falcons Varsity 0 6 0 0.000 14 155


   W    L    T    W%    PF    PA  
Farm League Hurricanes JV 6 0 0 1.000 254 16
HSF Texans JV 4 2 0 0.667 242 60
NW Panthers JV 1 5 0 0.167 40 255
Hit Sport Warriors JV 1 5 0 0.167 38 243



2010 State Championship Weekend


We all need to thank Texas A&M University for allowing us to use their amazing facility!!!

A special thank you to our friends at the Texas School of Football! You were great to work with again this year!

Congratulations to all teams that competed. We know that the memories for all players will last a lifetime and we are so glad that they were able to experience the thrill of the day. 

2010 TSS Varsity Championship Game
HSFL Texans 20 TSOF TC Vikings 6
 2010 TSS Varsity Cotton Bowl
HSFL Galveston County Heat 38 TSOF Ft. Worth Ravens 6


2010 TSS Varsity Alamo Bowl
TSOF Allen Wild Dawgz  36 HSFL Farm League Hurricanes 0


2010 TSS Jr. Varsity Championship Game
HSFL Farm League Hurricanes 12 TSOF Allen Wild Dawgz 8
 2010 TSS Jr. Varsity Cotton Bowl
HSFL Texans 32 TSOF Lake Highlands Wildcats 0


2010 TSS Jr. Varsity Alamo Bowl
TSOF Arlington Jaguars 42 HSFL Hit Sport Warriors 0
Junior Varsity
1st Team All - HSFL Defense     1st Team All - HSFL Offense
DL Hurricanes Jordan Brown     OL Hurricanes Michael Briner
DL Hurricanes Antoine Grant     OL Hurricanes Dustin Smith
DL Hurricanes Michael Briner     OL Hurricanes Antoine Grant
DL Texans Levi Briscoe     OL Texans Chris Williams
LB Hurricanes Ethan Johnson     OL Texans Levi Briscoe
LB Hurricanes Robert Tratham     OL Texans George Orenic
LB Texans Michael Dunn     QB Hurricanes Riley Satterfield
LB Texans Dante Rivera     RB Hurricanes Jordan Brown
DB Hurricanes Tristen Gomez     RB Texans Michael Dunn
DB Hurricanes Chris Howard     WR Hurricanes Jason York
DB Texans Andrew Perkins     WR Texans Andrew Perkins
2nd Team All - HSFL Defense     2nd Team All - HSFL Offense
DL Hurricanes Jesse Vigil     OL Hurricanes Derrick Catherman
DL Texans Chris Williams     OL Hurricanes Luis Orellana
DL Texans George Orenic     OL Hurricanes Jesse Vigil
DL Texans Campbell Clarkson     OL Texans Max Orenic
LB Hurricanes Jason York     OL Texans Campbell Clarkson
LB Texans Dillon Davis     OL Texans Jack Barajas
LB Texans Deshon Francis     QB Texans Matthew Jordan
LB Warriors Zach Goff     RB Hurricanes Chris Howard
DB Hurricanes Jimmy Junious     RB Texans Derrick Buckley
DB Texans Shola Ayinde     WR Hurricanes Robert Trantham
DB Texans Derrick Buckley     WR Texans Shola Ayinde
          Honorable Mention All - HSFL Offense
          QB Panthers Jaylon Hunt
          RB Warriors Javon Holmes
          WR Warriors

Casey Hall

1st Team All - HSFL Defense     1st Team All - HSFL Offense
DL Hurricanes Jaylan Woods     OL Texans Edwin Leon
DL Texans Breion James     OL Texans Bo Meece
DL Texans Bradley Cunningham     OL Heat Damon Jaramillo
DL Heat Herbert Smith     OL Heat Devyn Jensen
LB Texans Leroy Fields     OL Heat TJ Combs
LB Heat Lewis Allen     OL Panthers David Alvarez
LB Heat TJ Combs     QB Texans Christopher Zook
LB Falcons Roger Radcliff     RB Texans Leroy Fields
DB Texans Zach Whitley     RB Heat Don Henderson
DB Texans Kevian DeLeon     WR Heat Reggie Franklin
DB Heat Eddie Goodman     WR Titans Daveon Napper
2nd Team All - HSFL Defense     2nd Team All - HSFL Offense
DL Texans DeAndre Williams     OL Hurricanes Mason Longoria
DL Heat Casey Johnston     OL Texans Taylor Brown
DL Heat Justin Vestal     OL Texans Austin Wheeler
DL Titans Brent Johnson     OL Heat Darrin Slater
LB Hurricanes Kourtlyn Flournoy     OL Heat Rondell Smith
LB Texans Brandon Galarza     OL Titans Eric England
LB Texans Anthony Small     QB Heat Eddie Goodman
LB Panthers Trevian Williams     RB Hurricanes Jalen Woods
DB Hurricanes Hyland Holmes     RB Texans Zach Whitley
DB Heat Reggie Franklin     WR Hurricanes Kourtlyn Flournoy
DB Titans Reggie Turner     WR Heat Armanti Foreman
Honorable Mention All - HSFL Defense     Honorable Mention All - HSFL Offense
DL Hurricanes Curtis Jackson     OL Hurricanes Zach Mosley
DL Panthers Sergio Pardo     OL Hurricanes Curtis Jackson
DL Panthers David Alvarez     OL Hurricanes Austin Carroll
DL Panthers Daniel Zelaya     OL Hurricanes Hunter Luna
DL Falcons Kouren Thompson     OL Falcons Kaelon Cohen
DL Titans Craig Harris     OL Falcons Jimmy Williams
LB Hurricanes Sheryome Harris     OL Titans Ryan Garcia
LB Panthers Jahquie Diggins     QB Titans Reggie Turner
LB Falcons Christian Jacobs     RB Heat Lewis Allen
LB Titans Leonard Owens     RB Panthers Jahquie Diggins
LB Titans Arthur Dye     WR Texans Jimbo Williams
DB Heat Devin Gray     WR Texans Kevian DeLeon
DB Panthers Rodrigo Valle     WR Panthers Daniel Zelaya
DB Titans Devian Napper          

2010 HSFL All-Academic Team

The HSFL is proud to announce the 2010 HSFL All-Academic Team!
The athletes on this page maintained a minimum of a B average throughout the spring semester. In order to be included on this list, the Head Coach of the team must have verified the academic results of the player. We are proud of the way these young men remained focused on their academic success while they developed their football skills.
The HSFL places a very high priority on the educational foundation that the players will develop during their middle school years. Our goal is for these athletes to develop strong habits both on and off the field that will prepare them for high school.
Congratulations to the following young men:
Team First Name Last Name
Texans Andrew  Perkins
  Nick  Adamson
  Jack  Barajas
  Campbell  Clarkson
  William  Clement
  Dillon  Davis
  Kevian DeLeon
  Daniel  Delotte
  Devante  Dixon
  Michael  Dunn
  Edwin  Leon
  Joseph  Matulia
  Bo  Meece
  George  Orenic
  Max  Orenic
  Jackson Phipps
  Jeol Pineda
  Doug  Simpson
  Austin  Wheeler
  Zachary Whitley
Cole  Anderson
  Charles  Chapman
  Jhaqie  Diggins
  Robbie Griffith
  Raynard Harmon
  Terrence Harmon
  Jordan  Johnson
  James  Meade
  David  Varisce
Heat Lewis  Allen
  Joey Bell
  T.J.  Combs
  Reggie  Franklin
  John  Humphrey
  Jamon  Jaramillo
  Devyn  Jensen
  Casey  Johnson
  Daniel  Pinone
  Scott  Ritzman
  Justin  Vestal
  Robert  Woodward
Jonathan  Abling
  Clayton  Barnaba
  Michael Briner
  Benjamin  Broussard
  Derrick  Catherman
  Barrett  Davis
  Kourtlin  Flourney
  Tristen  Gomez
  Anthony  Grant
  Kenneth  Hall
  Shyerome  Harris
  Chris  Howard
  Michael  Jackson
  Daltyn  Knutson
  Chase  Loftin
  Richard  Luna
  Dejondre Mayes
  Lance  McClendon
  Cody Mencer
  Zachary Mosley
  Will  Newman
  Riley  Satterfield
  Jordan  Silva
  Dustin  Smith
  Jesse  Vigil
  Jason York



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