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Welcome to the HSFL!

Parents and Players,

We are very excited that you have joined the Houston Select Football League. We thought it would be helpful to provide you with a few important details in a written format so you know what to expect from the organization.

Our number one goal is to maximize the positive impact on the young men in our program. We make every effort to ensure this occurs. Our motto is ”Building Men of Character through Football” and we take this very seriously. Football is why we come together, but ultimately the goal is to prepare these young men for high school, college and life! We provide the players opportunities throughout the year to have experiences they might not otherwise have. One of these activities includes a visit to the University of Houston where players will meet with coaches, tour the facility, hear from the academic advisor, strength and conditioning coach, watch a college practice and learn what it really takes to play at that level. We have seen too many players never realize their college dream, because they do not take care of their business in high school (this includes behavior and academics). We try to expose these young men to the realities of college life and what it really takes to get there.

Here are some logistics for the season:

Please check our website regularly to see the most current information related to all activities both on and off the field. The website will always have the most current information. Before you leave for a game, check the website, as any scheduling changes/adjustments will be delivered by this format. Also, follow us on Twitter where you will receive weather and important news updates.

The schedule is up on the website. One thing you can be certain of…the schedule probably WILL change (slightly!). We have tried to accommodate as many contingency plans as we can, but we still may need to make minor adjustments based on venue and other unforeseen issues.

Our games utilize Texas high school rules with only a few exceptions. Any exceptions, ESPECIALLY OUR ADJUSTED CLOCK RULES, are detailed in the HSFL By-Laws. Please read those rules before the first game so you know what to expect!

Now for a couple of very important reminders:

All games start no later than 10 minutes after the game in front of them, regardless of the time it finishes. We will not start more than 30 minutes ahead of schedule, but all teams should be ready to play at least 30 minutes before your scheduled game time.


Remember that the Visiting Team is responsible for the clock operator!! All clock operators need to be there one hour before their scheduled game time and report to the press box to get their ID badge. After getting their badge, all scorekeepers must report to the official in charge at half time of the game before theirs.

The Home Team is responsible for the Announcer! Announcers need to arrive thirty minutes before their scheduled game time and report to the press box.

The Visiting Team is responsible for the chain crew! All chain crew volunteers must report to the press box thirty minutes before their scheduled game time to get their ID badges. If a game is scheduled to begin and there are no chain crew volunteers ready, the officials will flag the visiting team for delay of game and then unsportsmanlike conduct if necessary. We must have adults on the chain crew, unless they are registered players from another one of your teams

Players MUST wear hip, tail bone, thigh and knee pads. They will NOT play without them. Girdles were a point of confusion on Saturday. To be completely clear, a girdle is fine if it is a mechanism to hold the pads in place. A girdle is NOT allowed if it is being used instead of padding. If it is a girdle with the game-approved HARD shell thigh pads built in, then this is allowed. This means that hex pads, which are “thud” shorts, are NOT acceptable. They must be full game condition padding.

Gate fees will be charged at ALL locations. We play in some of the finest facilities in the Houston area. This is how we pay for the great experience the young men in our program enjoy.

It is the responsibility of the Home team to clean the bleachers and the Visiting team to clean the common areas and the parking lot! We do not want to lose the privilege of playing in these stadiums. The complex should look the same when we leave as it did when we arrive!

Thank you for your support in our efforts to “Build Men of Character through Football.” Please check the website at least once per week for important updates. We are very excited to get the season underway!!


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